Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three Milk of Goodness - Pastel Tres Leches

This cake is so well known throughout Latin America, not only in Mexico since it's so good, moist and perfect and yet very easy to make. I have come across this dessert many times after devouring some delicious tacos; some have been better than others and the secret has been time after time again the moistness. In Spanish the cake is called tres leches, meaning it's actually made from three types of milk concentrations, condensed, evaporated and regular milk. A recipe is easily found online or in cook books, and the truth is you will have to give it a couple of tries until the right consistency is reached since you will know by tasting it when you have added too much, or needs a little more. You can try adding your own favorite ingredients like vanilla, Kahlua, amaretto and even marshmallow flavorings. Grandmas all over have developed their own recipes so if you know someone, this is probably the best route since they have already done the hard work, and perfected it. What matters is that you have fun doing it and once you are putting the frosting decorated in a fun way, but most importantly enjoyed, until the plate is completely empty and please do share.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Makes a Good Taco?

What are yummy tacos in Seattle without what makes a real good one? Well that is all the toppings. A wedge of lime, different types of salsa, green tomatillo, a red spicy, a chipotle and of course the pickled carrots, jalapenos and onions. Fresh chopped cilantro, onions, cabbage, and fresh radishes. If you are searching for perfection and are trying to make this at home the right type of meat cut would be what it's called in Mexico arrachera. Here is flank steak, thinly sliced and maybe even a little marination with salt, and a little splash of dark beer to tenderize and give it that extra special flavor. If you like lots of flavor and all the toppings leave you thinking like there is something missing, finely chopped garlic when the salt is added really brings your palette that extra kick. If you are grilling the meat for a party, a good idea is to build a bar or some sort of buffet that way you can also make rancho beans which only need water and a little bit of salt. For those that need more the re-fried, is the best way. Corn oil, add beans and smash until you reach the consistency you want. Tacos are so easy and you can pretty much use anything now days. Fish, chicken, pork and even grilled veggies. Corn, flour, whole wheat and even other types of wraps as tortillas, there is even one Asian Restaurant that uses lettuce. Always use your hands to be able to enjoy if fully, because eating this gift from heaven with a fork takes all the magic out of it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Classic at Home Mexican Food

Summer has passed and we are now in the season of fall. It is the moment where the temperature drops, the leaves change colors, and daylight time gets shorter. This is a wonderful time of year in my own personal opinion because there are these perfect days where there is sun and just enough warmth in the air to keep the soul happy.

When these days happen the grill gets fired up and classic at home Mexican food is made. The carne asada is prepared and creates the most amazing aroma and a flavor that makes the mouth water. Beans are made, a fresh salad, radishes, and of course tortillas. Portion sizes are small and each little section on the plate is eaten slowly to take in all the goodness. Most people think there should be rice in the mix of things, but this is too heavy and filled with calories that can not benefit anyone. Beer and wine is poured in excess and helps improve the experience.

Having friends and family around makes it extra special and everyone takes the time in slow motion. There are only a few more weeks until winter and the cold dreary days take over. I am thankful for having the opportunity to enjoy this and glad that something as special as this is possible.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tacos Order to Go

I have to admit that sometimes there is no desire to dine out at a Restaurant. There is great joy for me when we are able to cuddle next the fireplace with my wife on our comfortable couch on the East side watching a romantic movie. The one thing that is a must is having great food during this time. There are numerous choices; most common are pizza delivery and Chinese food. We use these services often, however those types are not my favorite and personally for my palate do not consider them to be the best.

Every chance I get I make a call to the local Seattle area Mexican Restaurant for tacos order to go. The portion size and calories that are consumed is a lot lower than the other options and the happiness that comes along with the experience is greater. It is a must to have horchata water each time because that stuff is simply amazing. The sweet flavor works so well with the spicy red salsa. Take a bite, chew for a while, then sip on the cup and wash it all down. There is the choice of beer; which is number one because it tastes delicious, but this does the job just fine when it is not a drinking night. So, when it doubt pick up the phone and dial a delivery order the next night you find yourself in la-la land on your lazy boy with a hungry appetite.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Salsa, Radishes, Limes, and Peppers on The Side

The one thing that makes me more happy than a ice cold Pacifico beer after a five hour surf in the hot and humid tropics is a huge glass of sweet, yet sour jamaica agua, tacos, and a wide variety of side items to put on top of the tasty delights. The truth is that I have to drive and having any alcohol in my system is not going to help me or others when behind the wheel, so sometimes I just have to wait to enjoy my cerveza. Just the other day after a fun time in the ocean I stopped by a wonderful restaurant that was kind enough to serve me thirty minutes before opening, it must have been the puppy dog eyes and the begging at their feet to please help me. Thank goodness for kind people in this world!

I went ahead and ordered two of the best Mexican tacos filled with carne asada and a cheese quesadilla. They grill the meat to perfection and it has that wonderful taste that can only come from it being prepared that way. The cilantro and chopped raw onions are placed on top when they arrive. There was a side plate the waitress they placed on the table and it contained red salsa, radishes, limes, and grilled peppers. It was like a little present on the side and it literally took under a 1/2 second for me to reach over and grab every thing and put it on top and next to the main dish. This place understands the value of the dining experience and as I am writing this my mouth is starting to water and a bit of drool is starting to form. The taste was amazing and it is tough for me to even describe how good it was. I knew from the get go that the flan was necessary so they brought that with the order. That desert was fantastic and all-in-all one of my best dining experiences in my life. Now that I am back in Seattle my mind is drifting into that moment in time wishing I could be there right now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Greek Kitchen Bellevue Square

I just love eating tacos and there really is not much else to say except it is one of the funnest and most enjoyable things to do in my life. Trying different types of food types is great fun and when I am able to find something that gives me that same folded tortilla feeling I get all warm and fuzzy inside. Last week my wife and I were at the mall in Bellevue, WA on the East Side doing some shopping at Nordstrom and when she finally picked out the correct type of makeup that will make her face glow we spotted a neat Greek food restaurant just outside the door. I think the name is The Greek Kitchen Bellevue Square and I remember seeing t-mobile across the hallway with a pinkish kind of sign. We stopped and looked at the menu and once the Gyro was spotted I insisted that we eat there. She noticed a salad that she would love so we went in and made an order. It was very busy but the line went fast and we ended up getting our food in a short period of time. When my Greek taco arrived I looked at it for a minute and was very pleased. It was folded nicely and in a way that eating it was easy and avoided me getting my hands dirty. I loved it and will be returning for more. My wife really liked her salad and was pleased with the falafels and hummus that were on the side. We will both be returning, however I will do everything in my power to avoid shopping because I simply do not enjoy it at all.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fish Tacos and Cerveza Barrilito

There is a variety of ways to make specific things. For example, a hot dog can be grilled, fried, boiled, broiled, and made into a corn dog. There are even more but I can't think of them right off the top of my head right now. When it comes to enjoying those little corn tortilla filled delights there is a way to prepare them that makes my mouth drool and my stomach roar.

The best fish tacos are made batter fried, this is only my own opinion. The meat can be grilled or prepared many other ways, but the flavor is not the same for me. When there is that crispy shell it simply works and is my favorite. The filet has to be cut properly and then dipped into a perfect batter for everything to work. The best Mexican restaurant in Seattle holds the secret recipe for this and they will not let anyone see it. It then has to be placed into very hot oil and fried to a golden brown color. Corn tortillas are delicious, however flour can get the job done as well. Cabbage is great to go on top along with all different types of salsas. If you love spicy salsa then go for it. I like it kind of hot, but not so hot my lips and tongue go numb because it takes away from me being able to enjoy the flavor. Cream sauce is sometimes used and gives it a rich taste, if this is what you fancy. Of course, cold beers should be sipped or guzzled down before, during, and after the meal. Here is a picture of a Cerveza Barrilito from Grupo Modelo, which by the way makes quality beers.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Salsa for My Tacos

There is nothing more boring and more dull than being served my tacos with no salsa or with something that resembles a salsa. Salsa is key ingredient, and to me it has to be the good kind and not just one but at least two or three. When I make tacos at the house I make the regular Mexican chopped salsa, which is tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos and lime. Put that right on top of my meat and then, go for the next one. A good one is to make a spicy guacamole. Simply put the avocados in a blender with a garlic clove, onions, cilantro, lime juice and maybe even some cooked tomatillos so it's not so thick, delicious even with just chips. And last but not least we need the real spicy kind the kind that makes you want to scream, that makes you start sweating, and it just makes the experience a whole.

Basics, tortilla, meat or shrimp, cheese if you like, chopped Mexican salsa, spicy guacamole sauce, and last the spicy kind, with this one be careful no to over do it because you may not be so happy later. Of course, squeeze some lime and grab yourself a beer because a taco tastes so much better when you down it with a beer.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Two Tacos and a Torta Seattle

It has been a very, very long day.  One of those Mondays where after the end of the day the thought of escaping is just about all there is.  It is the beginning of the week so I can't go out party it up, so the next best thing is to go out and grab a few tacos and a torta.

I was able to eat every couple of hours today so I was not too hungry, but the stress from the day made me really excited about eating.  My wife went with me and we went to what I think it the best restaurant in Seattle.  We arrived and I felt like a little kid in a candy store.  My foot started to tap and my knee started bouncing up and down, just like the good old days.  When the waiter came up to the table I asked for the carne asada tacos on corn tortillas and a torta with the ingredients plus cheese.  I also ordered a Pacifico beer.  She ordered three tostadas and an apple soft drink soda.  We waited for about four minutes and then the plates came right out to us.  In the middle of the table there are fresh cut limes and a nice selection of salsas.  We went to town and cleaned up on our meal in a hurry.  I am writing this happy as ever.  My belly is full and I am ready for a nap, however I have to watch my favorite t.v. series before hitting the hay. I will not be surprised if we return to the same exact spot tomorrow and to it all over again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pacifico Beer Review

My Pacifico Beer Review: it is the best, in my personal opinion.  I love it, I really love it.  The bottled beer is so amazing.  It is very tough to drink just one because they are so good, but sometimes when you have things to do, such as work or other outings, just one has to do.

While downing a few of the best tacos in Seattle, sipping on a cold, ice cold beer helps make life that much better.  I like it when the waiter or waitress takes the lid off before it gets to the table.  I always ask for a lime or two, or three with each one because they are a must.  I take a napkin and wipe the top of the glass off, hold the bottle to the side of the table and squirt the lime into it.  Most of it goes in, but some of it goes on the side and coats the outer portion and the top portion of the bottle.  This is when you take the salt and sprinkle it all over.  It sticks and the first sip is so wonderful.  The sour from the lime and the salt join together so well with the taste of the beer.

I can typically down a few during a full on taco session.  The next day has always been great for me, never have I had a hangover or felt anything out of the ordinary.  Sometimes if I get caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time and have to say "yes" to a few shots of cheap tequila, then I pay the next day, but never with this.  My final review is: 5 Stars and 2 thumbs up.  It is quality and top end stuff.